“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

-Joyce Meyer

Bringing out the chef in you!

As a plant based food educator I often hear people complain that we don’t have time to cook, we don’t know how to cook, we don’t like cooking, and so on. Imagine that you are a good cook and you shall be! I honestly think everyone can cook you just have to try. You have to go in the kitchen and make it happen. Don’t be afraid to make a mess or cook something which is uneatable… this is a good start! Even if you made the worst 1st meal of your life give yourself pat on the back and look at the positive side, you have finally decided to cook and take charge of your health.

Get coached!

Go ahead and get a first hand experience of cooking  and enjoying delicious meal at Sapna’s cooking class or a food workshop near you.
Explore recipes!

Explore recipes!

Explore and experiment with fun and simple recipes of tasty meals, quick snacks, and flavorful Indian dishes that everyone in the family can enjoy!

About Sapna Von Reich

Sapna Von Reich is a native of Northern India, has been teaching authentic Indian cooking for 10 years in Northern Colorado. Fresh, healthy, and inspired cuisine is her specialty. In the past few years, she has expanded her repertoire by becoming a certified Food for Life Instructor for PCRM (Physicians for Responsible Medicine). She offers monthly cooking classes at Whole Foods Market, Fort Collins’s Food Coop, through Parks and Recreation at several Fort Collins Locations, the city of Loveland, and the city of Windsor. Sapna also lectures for many wellness programs, both city and corporate, in Northern Colorado, and offers kids cooking classes as well.

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