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Aug. 28: Indian Crepes and Chutneys

Learn how to make these awesome, simple, gluten free (and Vegan) creations at home! Pair them with the perfect chutneys and you’ve got a meal that everyone will be talking about. Menu: Quinoa Crepes with Roasted Red Pepper Chutney, Lentil Crepes with Beet Chutney,...

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Sept. 12: Curry in a Hurry

What do you get when American efficiency meets the authentic Indian curry. Learn to make three different styles of Indian curry, each taking less than 20 minutes. Menu: Red and Black Bean Curry with Spinach, Butternut Squash Curry and Mixed Vegetable Coconut Curry...

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Sept. 13: Food to Fight Cancer

Studies show that up to 40% of cancer risk may be diet related. To reduce cancer risk or aid in preventing a re-occurrence, explore how the right food choices can help. Nutritious recipe included. Age: 18+  Location: Senior Center, Fort Collins  Note: Register with...

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Sept. 25: Ethiopian Made Easy

Lean to make a vegetarian Ethiopian meal that is easy to prepare and good for you. We will be cook with all the colors of the rainbow! Menu: Key Sir Alicha (Beets stew), kik Alicha (yellow split peas), Swiss Chard Gomen, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Wot Age: 14+...

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Oct. 2: Wholesome Whole Grains, gluten Free

Focus on bountiful whole grains that are naturally gluten free and healthy. Nutritious recipe included. Age: 18+  Location: Senior Center, Fort Collins  Note: Register with Senior Center at 970-221-6644. 10/2        Tu        2:00 – 3:00 PM        $5          Activity...

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Oct. 11: Instant Pot Indian Meals

Instant pot or pressure cooker is magical when it comes to cooking an Indian meal. It transforms basic ingredients into delicious and satisfying suppers in very little time.            Menu: Black Eyed Pea Curry, Spinach Dal, Basmati Rice Pulao and Carrot Pudding Age:...

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Oct. 24: Flatbread Flutter

This class is for anyone who is trying to avoid processed wheat or is trying to follow a GLUTEN FREE lifestyle. You don’t have to sacrifice the quintessential bread concept that we all crave in our food. You can make tasty flat breads from wholesome ingredients like...

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Nov. 06: One-Pot Meals

It is possible to minimize cleanup without sacrificing nutrition or taste. You can use a variety of ingredients to make these wholesome and versatile quick meals. You can also give them globally inspired flavors using various herbs and spices. Menu: African Peanut...

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