Fort Collins

Jun. 3: Instant Pot Summer Curries

Learn how to use an instant pot to make some delicious summer creations. Menu: Jackfruit coconut curry, aloo gobi, kale and spinach saag Age: 14+  Location: Senior Center, Fort Collins  Note: Register with Senior Center at 970-221-6644 Registration starts on May 9...

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Jun. 6: Plant-Based Cheese and Yogurt

Whether you are lactose intolerant, fighting high cholesterol or just looking for some healthy plant- based alternative to cheese and yogurt, learn how to make homemade dairy-free cheese and yogurt from scratch. Menu: almond Feta, Parmesan, cashew cream cheese, Nacho...

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Jun. 10: Super Summer Bowls

It’s all about big flavors with minimal effort. These vegetarian bowls are great for summer as they can cover all your nutritional bases in one epic dish. Typically, they consist of grains, greens, vegetables, protein, and a yummy sauce. Menu: a Mediterranean bowl, an...

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Jun. 25: Magical Mystery Kebabs

Kebabs are a great food for any occasion. In this class we will explore endless possibilities of vegetarian kebabs and sliders. Menu: tandoori tikka Kababs, vegetable seekh kebabs with mint chutney, mung beans Sprouts & zucchini sliders with tandoori chutney Age:...

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Jul. 15: Eastern Fusion

Experiment with Indian spices and use common local ingredients to create interesting recipes with eastern flavors.  Recipes are vegan friendly. Menu: curried zucchini stir-fry, samosa pizza, spicy fruit salad, chai spiced milk shake Age: 14+  Location: Senior Center,...

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Aug. 28: Indian Crepes and Chutneys

Learn to make these awesome, simple, gluten-free (and vegan) creations at home.  Pair them with the perfect chutneys and you’ve got a meal that everyone will be talking about.  Menu: quinoa crepes with roasted red pepper chutney, lentil crepes with beet chutney, rice...

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