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Jan. 19 – Curry in a Hurry

What do you get when American efficiency meets the authentic Indian curry? Sapna introduces you to making curry in the modern world by teaching three different styles of making Indian curry, each taking less than 20 minutes with out compromising taste or flavor. All... read more

Feb. 08: Treats to Treat your Valentine

The heart obeys the taste of the food you give it, and the mind follows the health from that food as the ‘Wise’ noted long time ago. Let the exotic sights, smell and taste of Chocolate and Cardamom and Figs and Strawberries endear you to your partner’s... read more

March 06: Slow Cooker Delights

Microsoft Word – Recreator spring 2017 .doc Don’t you love your slow cooker and wish you could do more with it! In this class you will learn how easy it is to fix your meals in slow cooker. Lentils, beans, and vegetables like cauliflowers, sweet potatoes –... read more

March 20: Healthy Ethiopian Dishes

Microsoft Word – Recreator spring 2017 .doc Join us for this enjoyable and hands-on Vegetarian Ethiopian Cuisine class. You will have a chance to learn some basic cooking techniques and explore Ethiopian ingredients such as fresh herbs, grains and spices. Menu... read more

March 29: Curried Soups and Stews

Join Sapna Von Reich to learn how to spice up your next batch of homemade soup or stew with curry. Menu –Vindaloo spiced Butternut Squash stew, Yellow Split Peas and Vegetable Stew, Colorful and Hearty Curried Lentils Soup. Age: 18+  Location: Senior Center, Fort... read more

April 06: World Curries

Microsoft Word – Recreator spring 2017 .doc This class features some awesome curries from around the world. All recipes are gluten- free and vegan friendly. Menu – Indian Eggplant and Mushroom Vindaloo, Caribbean Sweet Potato and Garbanzo Bean Curry and... read more

April 18: Indian Crepes and Chutneys

Microsoft Word – Recreator spring 2017 .doc Learn how to make these awesome, simple, naturally gluten free creations at home! Pair them with the perfect chutneys and you’ve got a meal that everyone will be talking about. Menu – Quinoa Crepes with Roasted... read more

April 25: Coconut ‘Cuckoo’ Curries

Microsoft Word – Recreator spring 2017 .doc Calling all Coconut and Curry Lovers!!! Sapna Von Reich will teach you a couple of her modern spins on the traditional Coconut curry. Coconut has a magic all of its own in mutating even the most average curry into a... read more

May 03: Pressure Cooker Curries

Microsoft Word – Recreator spring 2017 .doc Pressure cooker is magical when it comes to cooking an Indian meal. It transforms basic ingredients into delicious and satisfying suppers in very little time. Menu – Black Eyed Peas Curry, Red Lentils curry,... read more

May 09: Healthy Greens, Indian Style

Microsoft Word – Recreator spring 2017 .doc Leafy greens pack a punch of aesthetics, flavor, and versatility. We invite you for a journey into the wondrous world of East Indian preparations of leafy greens. They are a nutritional powerhouse and are not only... read more

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