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Jan. 31: Indian Spices 101

In ancient times spices were as precious as gold; their healing properties were significant along with their use as preservatives. Indian food is popular throughout the world for its ease of preparation, and use of a healthy variety of vegetables, herbs, and, of...

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Feb. 13: Instant Pot Meals

Did you buy an Instant Pot and now wonder what you can do with it? How about some quick and easy meals like Porridge for breakfast, Minestrone soup for lunch and Curry at night, all with one pot. Come to this class and learn about the possibilities. The best part is...

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Feb. 28: Flatbread Flutter

This class is designed for anyone who is trying to avoid too much processed wheat or is trying to follow a GLUTEN FREE lifestyle. You don’t have to sacrifice the quintessential bread concept that we all crave in our food. You can make tasty flatbreads from wholesome...

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Mar. 01: Healthy Cooking on a Budget

“There’s a lot of nutrition information out there, but also a lot of people who aren’t eating healthy. Many people want to include more organic and local foods in their meals, but feel it’s not within their budget. Don’t skimp on nutrition! Join us to learn some...

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Mar. 07: Curry in a Hurry

What do you get when American efficiency meets the authentic Indian curry? Sapna introduces you to making curry in the modern world by teaching three different styles of making Indian curry, each taking less than 20 minutes. All dishes that are hot and spicy are not...

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Apr. 12: Celebrating Spring Vegetables

Learn to use spring vegetables to make some delicious dairy-free vegetarian soups. Menu: Creamy Asparagus Soup and Spring Soups. Age: 14+  Location: Senior Center, Fort Collins  Note: Register with Senior Center at 970-221-6644. 4/12      TH       6:00 – 8:00 PM...

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Apr. 24: Dal 101 – Indian Style Lentils

Dal, a Sanskrit name that refers to all pulses, legumes, and their food derivatives, still forms the mainstay of the amino acid (protein) supply to the largely vegetarian Indian subcontinent. Lentils also contain a copious amount of essential dietary fiber, vitamins,...

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