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Why I love Sapna . . . she is amazing because:

–          She is incredibly knowledgeable about cooking AND nutrition

–          Makes cooking look easy – and fun!

–          Provides information on where to buy, best brands and prices

–          How to cut, chop, slice all fresh vegetables & fruits – information that has been invaluable to me because I grew up on a farm and we ate meat, potatoes, and gravy for pretty much every meal!

–          Food preservation tips on chopping fresh ingredients and storing in refrigerator or freezer.

–          Always welcomes feedback and asks for ideas

–          Great info on what kitchen tools to buy – best food chopper, etc. and where to get a great deal.

Sapna has been teaching classes at the Clearview Library here in Windsor for several years, and I’ve become a “Sapna groupie” and have rarely missed a class!  She cuts and chops the ingredients in class, cooks it, gives very specific step-by-step instructions from start to finish, provides options/substitutions for ingredients, and we get to eat it!

If I had the money, I’d hire her to be my own private chef!!!

Becky, Windsor, CO

” Sapna’s classes are really great!  Not only is Sapna a talented teacher, she is a teacher who cares about each of her students.  While putting her students at ease, she supplies many tips and extra information besides making the yummy recipes.   Then, we get to sample the food and we are left with the feeling that Sapna and the others in the class are all family!”

Diane Pratt, Fort Collins, CO

Sapna’s interactive and engaging teaching style inspires kids of all ages to truly fall in love with delicious – and healthy – food!

Cross Family, Loveland

My husband passed away a year ago of Pancreatic Cancer. He was diagnosed in December of 2016 and passed away in March of 2017. I was looking through the Recreator and saw the Food for Life, Cancer Project class and decided to sign up! It was the best 4 week class I have ever taken! Sapna had a wealth of information to share with the class, which included a video, that explained so much about what foods we should consume to keep us healthy!  I learned so much from her class, new cuisine and different cooking techniques! The energy she brought to each class made me change work harder on changing my dietary habits. Thank you Sapna, for an excellent class!
Judy Mill

The Food for Life classes have changed the course of my health! My recent blood results showed positive improvements and I am feeling great. Sapna is an effective, supportive and knowledgeable instructor. I couldn’t have done this life saving change without her.

Lynn Gombos, Fort Collins, CO

“I’ve been cooking for my large family for many years, but a desire to learn the basics of a simple, more health-sustaining cuisine led me to Sapna’s fabulous Food For Life series.  Sapna is an inspirational teacher and a delightful coach!  Her hands-on classes allow us to try new techniques and delicious, healthy alternatives.  Life changing!”

Ty, Loveland, CO

After one of Sapna’s classes, you can’t help but be enthused about converting to a plant-based diet.

Ali Lesjak, Fort Collins, CO

The class gave my already plant-based diet a bit of new insight and sparkle – new motivation


Carol Kritts, Fort Collins, CO

Very informative and helpful in learning about cancer prevention and survival. Instructor Amazing!


Cindy Dieken, Fort Collins, CO

This was a wonderfully simple class, it took the stress out of healthy cooking.


Kristen Irwin, Eaton, CO

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