Fort Collins

Feb. 12: Winter Buddha Bowls (#107422-02)

It’s all about big flavors with minimal effort. Winter is the perfect time to make these hearty but easy Buddha bowls. Consisting of grains, veggies, protein, and delicious sauces, these bowls will refresh your palette even during a snowstorm. 2/12       M       ...

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Feb. 20: Indian Comfort Foods (#107426-01)

Sometimes you just don't feel like cooking. Maybe you're sick, maybe it's just been a long day. No matter the reason, the idea of going to the kitchen and trying to make a fancy dish is unthinkable. The solution is an easy, super palatable, one pot meal for all the...

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Mar. 07: Tasty Turkish Cuisine (#207431-01)

Explore the depths of delicious Turkish dishes. Menu: Red lentil and Bulgur kebabs, Mint and Dill Rice Pilaf, Black-Eyed Pea Pilaki, Eggplant with yogurt sauce, and Sesame Tahini Halva (nutritious dessert). Age: 14+ Location: Senior Center, Fort Collins, CO To...

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Mar.21: Let it be Lentils (#207422-01)

Lentils (Dal) forms the mainstay of the amino acid (protein) supply to the largely vegetarian Indian subcontinent. In addition to being high in protein, lentils also contain a copious amount of essential dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Menu: Raw Lentil Salad,...

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Apr. 08: The Greens of India (#207423-01)

A nutritional powerhouse, greens are delicious sautéed and pair beautifully with a multitude of spices, grains, beans, and proteins from all corners of the planet. Menu: Sauteed Mixed Greens, Lentils Curry with Swiss Chard, Kale with Potatoes, Green Raita (yogurt...

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Apr. 16: Nepali Cuisine (#207430-01)

Taught by Sapna Von Reich, Dal Bhat is a very popular staple food in Nepal. Served on a round platter called a Thai, Dal Bhat consists of rice, dal (lentils), cooked vegetables, pickle, saag, salad, and sometimes a dessert. One thali is packed with flavor, and we're...

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