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Jun. 23: Super Summer Bowls (virtual bowls)

It’s all about big flavors with minimal effort. These vegetarian bowls are great for summer as they can cover all your nutritional bases in one epic dish. Typically, they consist of grains, greens, vegetables, protein, and a yummy sauce. Menu: a Mediterranean bowl and...

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Jun. 27: Glorious Greens (virtual class)

Leafy Greens are a nutritional powerhouse and pack a punch of aesthetics, flavor and versatility at the same time. They can be deliciously sautéed and combined with a multitude of spices, grains, beans and other proteins. Age: 14+ Register Online:...

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Jul. 11: Plant-Based Picnic (virtual class)

These vegetarian-vegan picnic recipes are great for summer and easy to make. It's all about big flavors with minimal effort. Age: 14+ Register Online: Su      7/11      2:00-3:30 PM         Fee: $15 In the Kitchen with Sapna -...

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Jul. 25: Sprouting 101 (virtual class)

Learn how to sprout seeds, legumes and grains at home in a mason jar and to use these wonderful creations in some quick and easy recipes. Age: 14+ Register Online: Su      7/25      2:00-3:30 PM         Fee: $15 In the Kitchen...

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Aug. 31: Eastern Fusion (virtual class)

Experiment with Indian spices and use common local ingredients to create interesting recipes with eastern flavors.  All recipes are vegan friendly. Menu: Zucchini noodle stir-fry, samosa pizza, spicy fruit salad Age: 14+  Location: Online Remote Learning  Note:...

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