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Apr. 16: Nepali Cuisine (#207430-01)

Taught by Sapna Von Reich, Dal Bhat is a very popular staple food in Nepal. Served on a round platter called a Thai, Dal Bhat consists of rice, dal (lentils), cooked vegetables, pickle, saag, salad, and sometimes a dessert. One thali is packed with flavor, and we're...

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Jun. 04: Samosa Many Ways (#307432-01)

Samosas are quintessential Indian snacks, which are traditionally deep fried. Learn how to satisfy your carvings without using any oil at all and enjoy your guilt-free Indian snack with a cup of chai. Menu: samosa burgers, samosa collard wraps, samosa pockets with...

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Jun. 10: Super Summer Bowls (#307432-02)

It's all about big flavors with minimal effort. These vegetarian bowls are great for summer as they can cover all your nutritional bases in one epic dish. Typically, they consist of grains, greens, vegetables, protein, and a yummy sauce. All recipes are gluten-free....

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Jun. 27: Magical Mystery Kebabs (#307432-04)

Kebabs are a great food for any occasion. In this class we will explore endless possibilities of vegetarian kebabs and sliders. All recipes are gluten-free. Menu: tandoori tikka kababs, vegetable seekh kebabs with mint chutney, mung beans sprouts & zucchini...

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July 18: Falafel Fiesta (#307432-05)

Learn how to make healthier, tastier falafels! You can then use these to make yummy pita pockets or wholesome falafel bowls. Menu: baked falafel crumbles (from scratch), tzatziki, tahini sauce, harissa chili sauce and tabbouleh Age: 14+ Location: Senior Center, Fort...

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July 23: Street Food of India (#307432-06)

All it takes for the great masters on the streets of this world is a tiny stove, elementary tools, and an immersion into the soul of the food. Come experience culture right off the streets of India without any of the airplane fares. Age: 14+ Location: Senior Center,...

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July 29: Savory Chutneys (#307432-07)

A chutney is a sauce or a dip, made fresh for a burst of flavor. The concept of chutney has been around for a very long time, so almost everyone makes them slightly differently. Learn our favorite versions of this delicious addition to your meals. All recipes are...

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Aug. 01: The Greens of India (#307432-08)

A nutritional powerhouse, greens are delicious sautéed and pair beautifully with a multitude of spices, grains, beans, and proteins from all corners of the planet. All recipes are gluten-free. Menu: Sauteed Mixed Greens, Lentils Curry with Swiss Chard, Kale with...

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Aug. 27: Instant Pot Curries (#307432-09)

Learn how to use an instant pot to make some delicious curries. Menu: Jackfruit coconut curry, aloo gobhi, kale and spinach saag, carrot pudding. Age: 14+ Location: Senior Center, Fort Collins, CO To Register call 970 221 6644 8/27     Tu     6:00-8:30 PM      $58    ...

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